Terms & Conditions


We absolutely guarantee that all product shipped to you will be as described on our web site and will be the highest quality that we can reasonably attain.

We will only use ingredients which meet our high standards as described in our web site.  In some cases, we do have to rely on our supplier for assurances of quality and process, but we will validate their claims wherever possible and reasonable.

We will usually have sufficient stock to ship you your order within 48 hours.  If there are delays for any reason we will keep you informed of expected shipping dates.

We reserve the right to refuse to ship to anyone who has previously made unreasonable claims or who has, in our opinion, been unreasonable in any of their dealings with or about us.  In this event, we will either not accept payment, or we will return your payment as appropriate.

We are only responsible for our products shipped to you and that the products are as described on our web site, and we are not responsible for any other claim or damage to anything or anyone.  We do have adequate insurance and our liability only extends to any action or consequence of any action or non-action by us and covered by our insurance policy current at the time.